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2024 Events Calendar

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Route name - Pilgrims and a Star - 88KM  

Kickstarting our 2024 Ride Calendar, we're hitting the lanes for a selected charity (Wheels for Wellbeing) and raising money for a good cause. As it suggests, the route takes us along the Pilgrim's Way where we'll stop off at Velo Barn for a coffee and pastry. We make our way through Westerham, up Chart Lane, Toys Hill and Ide Hill before making our way back to the shop!...


Route name - OneSixSix Velo Cobble Classic - 45km  

Well into the Classics, we thought we'd replicate a little of what the pro's go through and cycle some of the cobbles in and around London. Finishing off at the shop, we'll be entertained and shown how it's done by the pro's as we watch the end of the epic classic, enjoying beer from a keg and a hotdog!

Route Name - Box Hill and Back - 104km  

Sunrise start this one! 7:30am at the shop. Hitting the South Circular early meandering our way through Streatham, Wandsworth and Putney, we hit a right down Priory Lane, through Roehampton Gate and into Richmond Park. Enjoy cycling through the park's tree-lined avenues and spotting wildlife such as deer.  Out through Kingston Gate and make our way through Thames Ditton and head towards Esher. This part of the route offers a mix of urban and suburban landscapes. As you approach Esher, you'll start to see signs for Box Hill.

Follow the road signs towards Box Hill. The terrain will gradually become hillier as you approach the North Downs. The climb up Box Hill is the most challenging part of the route, but the panoramic views from the summit make it worthwhile. Take your time, enjoy the climb, and don't forget to take in the stunning scenery.  

Route name - 4 Kent Cols - 90km  

Starting out from the shop, we head towards Bromley and out to the lanes up Layhams towards Beddlestead, the first of the climbs. Enjoy the rolling hills and countryside scenery as you make your way to this charming village. From Beddlestead, navigate towards Toys Hill. This route will take you through winding roads and wooded areas. As you approach Toys Hill, be prepared for a challenging climb. Toys Hill is known for its steep ascent and offers breathtaking views from the top. Descend from Toys Hill and cycle towards Ide Hill. The route between Toys Hill and Ide Hill takes you through picturesque landscapes and quaint villages. Enjoy the downhill sections and get ready for the next ascent. Leave Ide Hill and head towards Star Hill. This part of the route introduces you to more undulating terrain. Star Hill itself is a notable climb, so pace yourself and take in the surrounding beauty as you ascend. 


Route Name - OneSixSix Velo CC Sunday Social - The one with Chalkpit! - 100km

This is OneSixSix Velo's 1-Year Anniversary!

Here's a special 100km cycling route to celebrate this milestone. This route combines scenic landscapes, interesting landmarks, and potential stops to make it a memorable ride. Chalkpit Lane at 60km and tops out at 21% - make sure you fuel up in Westerham.

Head towards Eynsford, known for its medieval bridge and castle. Continue through Lullingstone Country Park, a beautiful natural area with cycling trails. Cycle through Otford and start climbing into the North Downs. The scenic views from the top are worth the effort.

Distance and Pace: The total distance of this route is approximately 110 kilometres. Adjust your pace based on your fitness level and preferences.

Weather and Gear: Check the weather forecast and bring appropriate gear. Pack essentials like water/electrolyte drink, snacks/nutrition, and a puncture repair kit. Download the route if you have a Garmin or other device.

Train Options: If you choose to return by train, check the train schedules and ensure that your bikes are allowed on the specific trains you plan to take.

14th July  Queens Stage - (Finish of at the shop to watch the stage)

Let's hit the Kent Cols and finish off at the shop to watch the Queens stage of the Tour.

*More Info to follow*

*Route to be confirmed*

20th July  - Dunwich Dynamo

*This is optional to whoever would like to do this. Please make enquiries at the shop*

11/18th August  - Folkestone! THE BIG ONE!

*More Info to follow*

*Route to be confirmed*

13th October  - Last of the Fallen Leaves

*More Info to follow*

*Route to be confirmed*

10th November  - Lee Valley Velodrome

Spending an evening at the Lee Valley VeloPark, which includes the iconic velodrome, can be an exhilarating experience for cycling enthusiasts and those looking to enjoy a unique sporting atmosphere.

We'll be checking in with all our riders 3 months before and asking for numbers to book the velodrome experiences. Be sure to be included, as this is an amazing experience, and one not to be missed.

*More Info to follow*

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13th December  - OneSixSix Velo Christmas Shop Drinks

As the holiday season pedals into full swing, we want to extend an invite to all our Sunday riders and customers and celebrate an amazing year on the bike in the lanes. Join us at OneSixSix Velo at the Standard for some mulled wine, bubbly and nibbles. We're going to host an ugly sweater competition to add a fun and light-hearted element to the party. Come dressed in your most festive and amusing holiday sweaters, and we'll have a small prize for the winner at the end of the evening.

*More Info to follow*

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